Swatches Make up Atelier HD foundation


Swatches of Make up Atelier Paris HD Airbrush foundation.

From left:

AIR1NB – lightest beige shade, this is supposed to be best match for pink undertones and pale skin. To me this is too yellow, but quite pale though.

Kett Hydro foundation in shade R1 for comparison (this is a true beige/pink foundation shade that is perfect match for me)

AIR2NB – a little bit darker than AIR1NB, this is probably the shade that matches me the best. But still too yellow.

AIR1A – Apricot Clear 1 – this is apricot and quite dark to be the palest shade.

AIR2Y – Yellow Clear 2 – this is the yellow based tone (second lightest). And to me these are quite close to the beige shades. I had hoped that the beige shades would be more pink.

The foundation itself is amazing! It covers better than the Kett Hydro foundation, and it’s waterproof and looks amazing on the skin. Very natural! I really wished that there was a better match for me. There are 28 shades in total so most of you will probably find a shade that is good enough. If you are pale and with pink undertones you will probably have the same problems as me.

I bouhgt these sampels from the German site (Make up atelier). The full-size is 30 ml and costs 25 EUR, samples are 2.50 EUR each.


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